Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My new Hyundai i10:

Soon after I joined Cricinfo (which was my first employment), I wanted to buy a car and it happened to be Santro. I bought it in 2002 using my savings as down payment and the balance on loan.

I didn’t even check about the range of vehicles in the market then. Attracted to the looks of Santro, I was desperate to own it. I think of my immature behaviour that I didn’t even check up its features, mileage, dealer discounts etc. I went to the showroom with my family, paid the down-payment and booked the car.

Only after I bought it, all questions came in my mind about the comfort, mileage, maintenance etc. To my surprise, it proved that it was the best choice.

Though the mileage was about 10 kmpl (when compared with Maruti / Tata vehicles which give more than 15 kmpl), I enjoyed using my Santro as the journey was always pleasant and comfortable.

Believe me, I used the car for 8 years. Only during the later stages, it made me to shell out lots of money towards replacement of parts and maintenance (I always used to service it with the Hyundai Service Centre as I don’t trust the service quality of outside mechanics).

One fine day, the car was almost seized and it alerted me to spend more than 65k. But I thought it would be senseless to spend so much for an aged car and hence planned to sell my car after discussing with family. It was a hard decision though.

Couldn’t believe that I sold the car in few days for a better price. The moment after I gave the keys to the buyer, the car disappears from my sight. To be honest, it was not easy for me to admit it, as the car was is so close to my heart and was with me for 8 years.

Then comes the problem of choosing my new car. Let me tell you, it is one of the toughest tasks to choose a car which suits your preference, comfort, features and importantly budget.

I did a survey among friends and relatives and was suggested to go for Maruti (considering the mileage, maintenance, availability of spare parts etc). I went to the show room and checked up the range of vehicles. I liked Wagon R (‘Blue boy’ with new K series engine). But the room size is not comfortable (seriously saying, all in my family have to put off our weight). Still I was willing to buy it convincing myself that my family members don’t travel together always.

Somehow I was not willing to check other small segment cars like Ford Figo, Chevrolet Spark etc.

Suddenly, it sparkled an idea to check Hyundai product and I was attracted to Hyundai i10. It fits all my requirements like looks, colour, price, mileage, room size etc. Hence, there was a sudden change in my plan and I decided to go for i10.

Unlike last time, I wanted to do a detailed comparison study. I did the same and found that my decision is reasonably ok to go for i10. I negotiated with the Hyundai dealer for a better price and offer.

Here’s what I got as the offer:

- Insurance charges of Rs. 15,000 waived

- 3rd year extended warranty charges of Rs. 2,500 waived

- Sun-control film

- Sony Mp3 player with 4 speakers

- Car seat cover

- Car Cover

- Steering Grip

- Perfume

- Reverse horn

- Remote lock

- Mat kit (floor mat, mudguard flap)

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Anand Nataraj said...

I understand the emotional connect we have with our vehicles & that too something we have bought with our own hard earned salary. It is like our first love.

Like always we must accept life must move on :)...

Congrats for your new car...