Sunday, July 11, 2010

An evening-out with wife:

It’s a general complaint of women that men always concentrate on work and do not spend time with family. I’m no exception. I can’t always use the excuse that I’m an entrepreneur who needs to spend more time on business.

Yesterday being Saturday, my wife wanted to go out somewhere with me. I’m a home-bird and not much interested in roaming unless needed. But when it comes to family, I will have to change myself sometimes. Their expectations are different.

Though initially I was hesitant to go out, I was not against the plan. So, we decided to go to the beach (which is just about 15 minutes drive from my home).

This is my first visit after the re-modelling done by Corporation of Chennai at the entrance of the beach. I should appreciate the way it is designed as it is spacious and comfortable for people to sit and spend time.

We didn’t eat anything as all eatables sold there are fatty. After my marriage, we have been out of control on our food habits. So, these days we have been on diet whenever possible.

The beach was so airy and wonderful to see all sorts of people – families, lovers, friends, cute kids and so on.

While we were enjoying the situation, we noticed that some girl (who was sitting with her friends aside us) left her wallet. It was left open near us. Since we didn’t want it to land at wrong hands and also the fact that we wanted to help her, we grabbed it and looked for some contact number in it. It contained many things like photo, driving license, credit card, some cash etc, but no contact number.

I had the confidence that we could find her out in orkut, facebook or something. Also thought that we could wait for some more time, so that the girl might turn back looking for her wallet.

As expected, she came back in about 20 minutes and collected the wallet by offering many thanks to us.

Another incident, while crossing the road near the Gandhi statue, I was stopped by the traffic police on duty. He asked me “Are you Bala?”. I was surprised and said “Yes”. Then he reminded me that he was my school mate whom I’m seeing after 16 years. I couldn’t realise him but he noticed me in just a fraction of second while he was on duty. Couldn’t spend much time as it was a heavy crowd who were about to cross the road and he needed to operate the signalling device. He then said he got my number through some other friend and would call me sometime. Good to be in touch with old friends.

Then we headed to New Woodlands Restaurant in R.K. Salai. It was too huge in size, but was full. We waited for 20 minutes and then got a table for us. Food was good. But,

- Service was poor and too slow (thought the order-taker was very active and seems to be busy)

- They used a dirty cloth to wipe off the table which was stinking till we finished our dinner

- The sugar bowl contained couple of hairs

- There were no supervisor and hence, we couldn’t complain to anyone

End of everything, my wife was happy that she could spend some time with me.

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